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David Ianni’s music clip MAMA, published in June 2016, gave birth to MY URBAN PIANO, a project that will take David to twelve European Capitals of Culture between March 2017 and July 2018.

David will dedicate one music video with a new piano composition to each city. The music will be performed in public places on a piano that is specifically designed for the city and will be donated to an institution after the event. The videos will be released in 6-8 week intervals on David’s YouTube channel.

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Photo by Björn Teske.

Episode 1: Train of Dreams (Luxembourg)

Release on 26.04.2017, live on RTL.lu's TV show
"Live! Planet People"

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Photo by Björn Teske.

Episode 2: Heartland (Esch-Belval)

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Episode 3: Joy (Aarhus, Denmark)

More cities to be announced…


Journal.lu (13.03.2017)

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RTL.lu, Radio (26.04.2017)

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Wort.lu, Print/Online (27.04.2017)

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RTL.lu, Radio (05.05.2017)

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RTL.lu, TV (14.03.2017)

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RTL.lu, TV (26.04.2017)

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Volksfreund, Print/Online (29.04.2017)

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100,7, Radio (15.05.2017)

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