Songs of Hope • Songs of Love

Update June 2016: You’ll find video recordings of the complete cycle here.

In March and April 2015 I composed some of my most personal and intimate works to date, titled “Songs of Hope”. This music has given me so much hope and strength, and I wish that everyone who hears “Songs of Hope” will feel the same power inside of them. However hard life can be, hope will keep us alive, it will give us the strength to go on.

Each of the twelve pieces is written in one of the twelve minor keys, starting from d minor all the way up to c sharp minor. So far I have only published the first three songs on SoundCloud – “Gratitude”, “Forgotten Dream” and “Nostalgia” – recorded in poor quality with my iPhone. But I will record the whole cycle and a similar new cycle which I am composing at the moment (called “Songs of Love”) in excellent studio quality soon – hopefully. :)

One of the pieces from “Songs of Love”, was written last Saturday. It is a musical prayer for a beautiful soul which some of you might know: cellist Lisa Berg (she played my score for “Follow Me Home” so beautifully). Lisa was diagnosed acute leukemia on Friday and she’s undergoing chemotherapy at the moment. Send her your prayers, love and good thoughts. You will make it, Lisa!

Update: Here’s a live performance of Lisa’s piece, which I played at the beautiful Girsterklaus on 26th June: